GMO Series


These are a series of wheel thrown sculptural vessels that started as peppers but have been modified into strange ambiguous shapes – somewhere between vegetable and animal – as is some of the food we eat today. Some are purely decorative and others are fully functional teapots.

Ceramic Flowers

Continuing the work I started with the peppers, I am exploring the issue of human tinkering with nature. By laminating the petals of these handbuilt flowers with geometric millifiori I am introducing a human alteration to the soft, organic form. Is the result beautiful or disturbing or both?

Lady Slipper Vases

The pink lady slipper was the initial inspiration for these small flower holders. The form is pared down and stylized, yet still retains the soft, organic feel of the slipper and the protective shelter created by the overhanging sepals. The shape is intentionally ambiguous resembling a bird or an organ as much as it does a flower, just as science is blurring these boundaries in new and perturbing ways.