Glacier Series


The design of this large mural is an abstracted aerial view of an alpine glacier, with curving moraines of rough rocks running through blue white glacial ice.

Crevasse Bowls

Inspiration for these bowls comes from a more intimate view of the glacier. When seen close up, the glacier reveals itself to be a contrast between the dull, rough grey surface ice and rock and the beautiful smooth blue green of the interior crevasses and sink holes.

Moraine Bowls

Over many years of hiking and climbing in the Rockies I have come to love glaciers and the patterns of rock and ice. As the massive ice pushes forward, debris is moved into sinuous curves that run the length of the glacier. These same curves run though these bowls and are reflected in the soft curves of their rim and feet.

Rock Boxes

These small containers are the result of one of many walks in the high alpine where tiny flowers struggle for life on high altitude scree slopes.